A View from My Seat Connect to the API

Getting Started

To use the API you'll need to created a profile and request an API key.

  1. Create an A View From My Seat profile
  2. Request an API key

API Keys

There is currently one universal API key granted per application. If you had one of our earlier web keys, please transition your application over to your APP/Universal key.

Using an API key

This key can be used to access our JSON REST API directly from anywhere. It is best used within mobile and web applications. Android and iOS applications are well suited for this.

You can access JSON data directly with an App API Key. Please keep your API private.


Results are published as an array of JSON string objects similar to this.

                    "venue":"Georgia Dome",
                    "home":"Duke Blue Devils",
                    "away":"Texas A&M Aggies",
                    "note":"Chick-Fil-A Bowl on December 31, 2013.\r\n\r\nTexas A&M 52\r\nDuke 48\r\n\r\nManziels last college game. ",
                    "timestamp":"2014-01-20 16:48:26"


Explore all the other API calls that you can make.

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